James Hickman & Dan Cassidy – Nicki Gillis & Dave Clemo

Written by Rachel Tinsley on . Posted in Show On Front Page

News from the Sofa : Such an awesome few days on the sofa! Firstly on Saturday James Hickman and Dan Cassidy played for us, and totally wowed our audience, James crystal clear voice really rang out around the Sofa Sessions room, and his guitar playing is just something else, when accompanied by some of the greatest fiddle playing we have ever seen – Dan totally took our audience by suprise. That’s what so nice about our guests, although they are established names many haven’t played Kettering before and so are an bit of an unknown quantity – so it was no suprise that these guys got a rowsing encore from the audience and sold out completely of their stock of cd’s.

Then Monday saw Nicki Gillis come and grace our “stage” – what can I saw about this wonderful lady, such a professional polished performance, with songs old and new and enough energy to make the rafters on this old building shake – a really rocky night (sorry neighbours) and she even got the audience on their feet dancing – we hope she comes and plays again next year. Dave Clemo provided a beautiful support slot, accompanied by Vince Gorman, and last minute recruit Stevie Pool – who pulled off 2 hours of solid cahon playing that totally rocked the house!

Big thanks to all but especially to Tracy Dann for organising this event, Ian Marks for some amazing photos and all those audience members who did dishes and helped tidy up at the end – all appreciated. 

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